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Navigating the Void

Energy Alert! Currently we are all waking up and seeing the world through a whole new set of energetic lenses. Sometimes I forget that I am not the only one going through a period of energetic upgrade. Yesterday, while watching a national, morning news show, I received confirmation that the energy upgrade process is not only wide spread now, but also very noticeable to others. While I logically knew this, on some level, the confirmation and validation of my knowingness was comfortably welcomed.

The story went on to detail how people are feeling disconnected, aimless, gaining weight, experiencing a foggy brain and feeling generally, very out of sorts. That the symptoms ranged from mild for some to very heavy and extreme for others. Some people also said that they were experiencing unexplained aches and pains as well as anxiety and sleeplessness. Many have gone to the Doctor only to come away without any physical cause for their distress.

While the news story labeled the reason for the symptoms as “COVID Syndrome,” I have another name for it. It is the spiritual process of awaking called Ascension. For years now, those of us who are aware of this process of enlightenment have read article after article about “ascension symptoms.” The same symptoms outlined in the news story have been talked about for years by the spiritually awakened. If you don’t believe me, Google “Ascension Symptoms” and look for the date the article was written. You are going to find many articles were written more than five years ago.

Not everyone is currently aware that every person on earth is currently experiencing this energetic upgrade. This “waking up” into our higher knowingness and purpose, has been ongoing for decades. But, right now, it is happening faster and is more obvious than ever before. Likewise, the acceleration of the awaking is causing our physical bodies and our conscious minds to think there is something wrong with us.

More and more I have been working with clients who are realizing that there is something bigger calling to them. It is not a coincidence that COVID appeared, when it did, and has given rise to “COVID Syndrome” as a way to explain Ascension symptoms. I did chuckle to see how far reaching the “Syndrome” has spread. And believe me, it is not over. We are ushering in the Aquarian Age of energies, light, love and purpose. We are changing in heart and soul, leaving behind old and no longer useful energies and gaining new energies that will better serve us (read my blog article on the rise of Divine Feminine Energy) as we step into these new energies.

Now comes the real purpose for this article. While I am fully aware of this awaking process and fully understand my soul gifts and how important it is that I step into my powerful and abundant energies, there are times when my energy upgrades leave me in a Void in space and time. I am experiencing a Void energy period as I write this article. Voids can heighten creativity, so I have learned.

What does it mean to be in a “Void”?

There are some days when we have no energy, can barely put two words together and all we really feel like doing is sitting in a comfy chair in the sun or napping under a soft blanket. When those feelings over come us, it just signals that we are experiencing the VOID. Void energies make us feel as though we are lost in our own little world and not feeling like engaging with the outside world. This Void place feels so strange to us, because we are not a species that feels like down time is a good thing. We always want to be doing something and may feel guilty for not doing and being busy when we are in the Void. Our energetic, primal nature is to want to fully experience our human existence. So when in the Void, we are out of alignment with our nature. It may feel downright uncomfortable to be in a Void.

The Void is necessary, however. Think of it like this. You are reading a very good book. You are fully engaged with the story. As it winds down to its inevitable conclusion, you feel a sense of loss as you read the last few pages. Your time with this book is over, the characters are in the past, the story, gone. You think, what will I do without them and their story? The feelings you are experiencing is what I call a book void. How do you get out of the void? You find a new book and you being reading again. It is the same with your energetic energy void. You have closed a chapter on your energetic/life journey and it is time to move along into your new chapter.

But while you are transitioning from one chapter to the next, you might experience an energetic Void. Sometimes the Void is just for a few hours or day or two. I have had other voids that drug on for days or even weeks. While you feel like you are living in an alternate reality, just give it time. Your next chapter is coming and if you have a few down days, along with some possible, heavy emotions, you are just waiting for the right time to step into the first chapter of your new book. And when you eventually emerge from the Void, all I can say is…watch out world! You will come back bigger and better than ever!

How can you better navigate a Void? Here are some things you can try that have worked for me in the past. Give them a try.

  1. Honor the Void. The Universe is giving you some much needed time off for good behavior. Form a positive mindset about how you feel instead of a negative one. Don’t take this down time as a punishment. While you are on “energetic vacation,” do what you want. Are you feeling creative? Do something creative. Sleep, cook, ground into nature. It is your time off, do what you enjoy doing, but don’t push yourself. I promise if you do push, you will get pushed back. Honor the rest. Honor the Void, it is a gift. Even the moon experiences a monthly void period! From darkness the light returns.

  2. Embrace Silence. The void is all about you connecting to your next chapter in your journey. This is the time to practice remaining neutral in your thoughts and to listen to your inner guidance. We are seeing and feeling our potentials more with each passing day. Our potential is experienced by using our soul gifts. Soul gifts are the power pack of actions we have at our disposal to fully experience the life we scripted, in our Divine Soul Blueprint, before we arrived here. It is time, while in the Void, that you look at your manifestation bucket list and figure out what you wish to experience/accomplish going forward. Should you pivot away from something, old toward something new? While in the Void, you are just looking, not doing anything about it. Your clues will come from examining your possibilities while in silence so you can listen to your whispers, your whispers from the Divine. You will hear them and feel them but it comes when you are in the Void and silent. Quiet the mind chatter, negative beliefs and fears and just listen…Einstein said it beautifully…”Brilliance comes from silence.”

  3. Talk to a Spiritual Coach. If this process has you so off balance and feeling lost, you may find great peace from speaking with someone who knows what is happening to you and can uplift you emotionally and spiritually. Many of us are here now to help “light the lights of others.” Find a reputable spiritual coach to speak with. One word of caution, a spiritual coach should NEVER make you fearful for your wellbeing. There are no forces outside of you that are bigger and badder than you are. Don’t fall into worry that you have been “taken over” by dark forces. If you are advised that you have been taken over by dark forces, …run. That spiritual advisor is not the one for you. They just want to scare you and take your money.

  4. After the Void, Journal. After the Void period ends, grab your journal and write a short story about what you felt and what you did while waiting for the Void to end and your next chapter to begin. This helps so much to be able to look back to your story when the next Void comes. Oh yes, you read that right, there will be other Voids going forward. Some you may never notice, but when you are aware you are again in a Void, the comfort you will receive from your story will be calming and empowering. Be sure to include in your story how you spent your time and what creative endeavors you enjoyed while waiting. How did you cultivate patience and silence? Write it all down.

If I can help you to learn more about your Soul Powers or help you while you are stuck in a Void, reach out to me. I am here for you. Visit my Coaching Services Page. I recommend an Akashic Alignment Consultation as your first step. Take care and enjoy your journey, Voids are unavoidable and won’t last forever.

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