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How to Heal Yourself With the Akashic Records

That old saying…”Seek and ye shall find,” is certainly true when it comes to the Akashic Records and to finding answers about health and healing. In this post I will share with you how the Akashic Records can be used to improve your health and well being.

The Akashic Records hold so many answers for us. Every past life, perfectly detailed, lies in the Akashic Energy field. We just need to ask the right questions and the answers will be shown to us.

The Records can be so useful when it comes to finding ways to heal. Illness always has roots in our energetic make up. Energies that are present in our Akashic energy field will show up to hold us back and hold us down. Illness is always about limitation.

In an Akashic Consultation we look to the Records to discover what energetic blocks are written on the walls of our records that may be negatively influencing us today. Whether we are experiencing an actual illness or we feel limited in any way, the root cause can be found in the Records.

Vows spoken in a past lifetime, for instance, can lead to feeling restricted, to giving to others too much and to feeling that we always have to work longer and harder than others to get even the simplest of things done. To combat these subtle and limiting energies we often turn to food, drugs or alcohol to “cover” them up as a way to gain some degree of control in our lives. These energies poke at us day after day and the older we get the more we become consciously aware of them.

Is it is possible to release these energies? Yes!!! At the end of every Akashic consultation, after discovering the origin of the limiting energies, we release them. The transformation we receive can potentially be life changing. The key to healing and transforming our lives lies in our willingness to look at the limiting thoughts and beliefs we have and change them. I call this process of review, “The Life Playbook Review.” We all have a Life Playbook that has pages and pages of beliefs and thoughts, both empowering and limiting. An Akashic healing has to include a Life Playbook review to be truly effective.

Where do we get our pages of beliefs? We create pages, society gives us pages and so do our families and cultures. A few years ago I worked with a woman who came to me because of various physical illnesses. Looking at her records we discovered, in a past lifetime, that she was restricted by her father for various reasons. He told her that she was frail and sick and that she needed to stay in bed and rest. She could not play, work, or care for herself. She was restricted in every way in her life. In that life she deeply believed and embraced her limitations as a way to honor her father.

Those same limitations, in various forms, were showing up for her in this life as well. Remember, we are an exact energetic match, to attract the same energies in our current life that we carry in our Akashic Records. We cleared her Records of her energetic limitations and over time she got better and stronger. She also looked at her life playbook and took out a few very limiting pages of belief. One limiting belief we discovered was, when she became overwhelmed, to justify her slowing down, she had to become ill. Other wise she felt guilty if she took time to slow down without an excuse. This discovery explained a lot to her about why she had so many mysterious illnesses. Today, she is doing very well and thriving.

What energies are you carrying that are getting in your way of experiencing abundant health and well being? Let’s find out! Contact me for your Akashic healing consultation.

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