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Akashic Weightloss

Stop Struggling to Lose Weight

Weight loss becomes effortless when you eliminate what is eating you.  There are specific energies that get in the way of losing the weight you want.  You won't be successful at managing your weight if you are carrying energies that are working against you in your 5th dimensional Karmic Backpack.

My Story


My weight issues started early in my life. I remember always being a fat child. People would say to me, "You would be such a beautiful girl if you would lose some weight."  

My weight issues continued to grow right into my adult life.  I tried countless diets, pills, plans, therapy and nothing ever truly helped.  I had one successful diet journey in my early 30's when I lost 80 pounds. But you know the story, I slowly gained it all back and then some after I left the diet program because it cost just too much for me at the time to continue.

The biggest question I had for myself was, why can't I figure out how to lose the weight and keep it off?  I was a smart woman and was certainly motivated to lose the weight. In my 40's my weight had climbed to over 300, morbidly obese, pounds and on my 5'3" frame, I was indeed a big woman.

In early 2015 I consulted with a woman about my Akashic Records when I found myself at a crossroads in my life.  I learned about my soul powers as well as the blocking energies I was carrying in my "Karmic Backpack."  I discovered that I carried VOW energies that were fouling up a lot of things in my life.  Vow energies,  plain and simple, make you feel stuck in life.  The feeling of being stuck made me feel angry.  To relive the feelings of being angry, I turned to food for comfort.  Well you and I both know that did not work out so well. Overeating did not solve anything.  It made me feel more stuck than ever.  As I got bigger and bigger I saw how much I was missing out in life, which led me to eat more.  Can you relate?

As part of the Akashic healing process, I eliminated the vows from my energy field. Releasing those vow energies helped me to gain control over my life long weight problem.  I felt such a sense of relief to let go of the patterns of overeating that had plagued my life for decades.  

I am happy to say I have lost over 120 pounds and made peace with myself and my body.  I feel so much better and happier to have finally figured out my problem and to stop overeating.

I am beyond certain that had I not released the energies in my Akashic Records, I would still be struggling with my food issues.  It is for this reason and many more that I decided to become an Akashic Practitioner.  

I want to help you too.  Let's look at your energies and find out what is eating you!

Weight Loss Coaching

Stop Struggling With Food

You CAN stop struggling with food.  I am not a dietician or nutritionist.  I am an energy intuitive.  By examining your Akashic Record energies we will look at the energies you are carrying in your Karmic Backpack and find out how they are playing into you weight issues.  We will eliminate the energies and then talk about how you can make peace with food again. 

Coaching Program Details

Included in your 2 month coaching program will be:


- An Akashic Consultation and Energy Clearing.

- A once weekly 1 hour coaching call to help define new pages for your "Life Playbook" as it relates to thoughts and beliefs about losing weight. Your life playbook is your book of beliefs and rules.

- Pantry redesign

- Food ideas and helping you to discover a real love of food again.

- Lots of love, cheering and encouragement too.


$599  for the two month program/broken into 2 payments 

$125 for each additional month of coaching as needed 

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