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New Directions...

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Do you want to make changes in your career?


Congratulations, you are in the right place to make that happen.  It starts with knowing what you want, not necessarily where you are going, at first.  


Yes, you read that right, it starts with knowing what you want and what Core Powers you have to capitalize on that will ultimately get you to where you want to go in your career.  I am the perfect coach to get you to where you need and want to go.


My coaching program, New Directions will help you do two things that will take you to a new and satisfying level in your career.  

The first thing you have to do is determine what do you want?  In order to know what you want in life and in your career, you must discover your dominate Core Power Traits.


Core Powers are your innate talents and gifts that you call upon each and every day to get things done in life and work.  At some level you know they are there, but it is rare the people truly understand what to do with them. 


When you understand the important role your Core Powers play in your work,  you will look at your current career in a whole new way. Armed with this powerful information, you will either find ways to improve your work, or understand why it is time to leave your job and move on.

The second thing you will do will be to explore all possibilities that exist for you, that will capitalize on using your Core Powers to their fullest advantage.  You will explore what changes you can make to your present career to improve the quality of your work, or explore other career choices that will bring the highest level of satisfaction to you.  

This program will not be for everyone, I understand that.  But if you are a person that is motivated to make some changes and you realize that there is untapped potential inside of you, then we are a fit for working together.  

Click the button and schedule your FREE 20 minute meet and greet to talk about your career goals.   Let's get started and make 2024 your BREAK OUT YEAR!  


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