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Manifesting Made Easy

Manifesting Made Easy in 5 Steps

We manifest every experience in our lives. We don’t think about the process much, it is just an automatic kind of thing. When we make up our mind to do something and we take action and do it, it show up. That is how the Law of Attraction works. You see, manifesting anything in life, big or small is done exactly the same way.

It is important to remember a couple of important principles of manifestation. First, everything we want is currently in our vibrational spectrum, we just need to pull it in. Second, the manifesting process is the same whether we are manifesting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or our dream car.

The following steps will help to define the process. Follow them and watch how exciting manifesting can be.

  1. What are Your Soul’s Desires? We must make up our mind what we want to manifest. We can’t manifest anything if we are not sure what it is we want. We must be clear what it is we want. Writing down our Soul’s desires is very important to sending a clear message to the Universe about what we want.

Bucket List: Write your bucket list items here. What do we want to manifest?

1. _________________________________ 2. _____________________________________

3. _________________________________ 4. _____________________________________

5. __________________________________ 6. _____________________________________

Take a look at the list and ask the following questions. What items should be eliminated?

A. Is this my soul’s desire? Do I really want this in my life? Am I willing at this time to take action toward this manifestation? Eliminate any hopes, wishes or “nice to haves”. They are not our soul’s desires.

B. Is this desire something you have long wanted (or is a version of a long sought desire?) A soul’s desire is something we have long wanted or dreamed about as a child or a young adult. Eliminate desires that do not feel familiar or are inspired by others.

C. Is there a sense of urgency to the desire? Do we feel urgently compelled to manifest this desire? If so, cross off all urgent desires off the list, they are not your soul’s desire. Likewise, eliminate all desires that start with…I should do this…

2. Narrowing it Down. Now that we have a true soul desires list, take a good look at each desire. Which of the desires motivates us the most? Which of the desires makes us the most uncomfortable when we think about taking action toward it? Which desire really lights us up? Choose the desire that really feels most compelling from this list. It is likely the one that makes us feel most uncomfortable.

3. Moving into action. We manifest on three dimensional levels. In the fifth and fourth dimensions we think and feel inspired to manifest our desires. It is the third dimension that is the most important dimension. The physical body is key to our successful manifestation. We need to move the body to make things happen. We can think all day about things, change our minds, move mentally in new directions, but when you actually start to take action, that is when things really get moving. When we want new results, we have to take new action. When we shift our physical vibrational state, we shift all other dimensions as well.

4. The Power of a Word. When manifesting our soul’s desire we need a word that resonates with the power of our intention. For instance…suppose you want to manifest your dream car. You are all about luxury, soft seats, high performance, excellent sound system etc. As we think about our new car, what word sums up what it would feel like to be riding in this new car? Is it fun, comfort, pride, or joy? The power of this word is important to the manifestation process. To connect to our soul’s desire takes raising our vibrational level to the level where our manifestation can occur. We do this by taking NEW indirect actions.

Using the focus of our vibrational word, we can start taking actions in our lives that resonate with our word. Suppose we chose the word luxury. What kind of actions can we take physically that resonate with the word luxury? We might purchase high thread count sheets, have lunch at a luxurious restaurant or buy a new item of clothing that resonates with the energy of luxury.

When we begin the manifestation process we are NOT in energetic vibration with our soul’s desire. We have to move our vibrational level to the point that resonates with our soul’s desire. If we don’t, we won’t get there. The bigger the soul desire, the more indirect actions it might take to get our vibe to the right level, but get there we will, it is Universal Law at work. Taking indirect actions that resonate to our special word will raise our vibrational level.

How do we know our vibrational level is changing? Things start shifting. Our car breaks down. We get an auto loan pre-approval in the mail. We open a magazine to the exact page showing us the exact car we want. These synchronicities tell us it is time to take more focused direct action.

5. Time to Take Direct Action. Once we observe the rising level of our vibration, because the synchronicities are obvious, and coming at a very quick rate, it is time for us to start taking direct action. When we first wanted to manifest our dream car, we were not able to take direct action because we were not an energetic match for bringing it into our life. By adding luxuries to our life, (not related in anyway to the car) we arrived at the correct vibrational state.

Now it is time to take direct action, to go car shopping, take test drives, find the right deal, because we are now the energetic match to bring our dream car into manifestation. Taking direct action toward our goal is a physical thing. We actually need to move our physical body toward our soul’s desire. Remember…when you shift your body into new action toward your soul’s desire, manifestation occurs.

Follow these five easy steps and you will be able to manifest anything from small to big. Happy Manifesting!

Do you want to discover your specific manifesting style? Contact me about your Manifesting Blueprint! You have your own style. Let's discover how you get things done!


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