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5 Tips For Stepping Into Your Divine Feminine Energies

In this article I will share five steps to take for honoring and stepping into our Divine Feminine Energies. Before we get to the tips, I want to give us some background on why it is important to focus on this energy now and how it will benefit us as we move forward. Here is what is energetically going on.

As we move into the new Age of Aquarius, personal energies are rising in this transition to this exciting, new energetic phase. This also includes the rise of Divine Feminine energies for not only women, but also for men. Traditional roles are shifting and changing and women are being called to reinvent themselves like never before. Women are blooming out all over. Have you noticed? Likewise, the Divine Masculine is causing people to feel angry and confrontational during this period of balance. Have you noticed this as well?

What is Divine Feminine Energy?

Divine Feminine energy is defined as a set of energetic traits. Traits such as wisdom, love, vulnerability, patience, connectedness, creativity, magic, adaptiveness, intuition, compassion and nurturing.

What are masculine traits? Traits such as strength, courage, independence, violence, competitiveness and assertiveness have been primarily identified as masculine traits.

We all embody both masculine and feminine energies. However, the past energies and the collective consciousness favored the Divine Masculine over the Divine Feminine. Inequality between the sexes was real, driven by the imbalance of the energies.

The rise of the Divine Feminine comes after a prolonged imbalance between the Divine Masculine qualities and the Divine Feminine qualities. These imbalances have played out in the world and in our collective relationships for a very long time, until now. The rise of Divine Feminine Energy, for women at this time, is taking them back to a place of power, confidence and balance. However, the balance is not created just in a rise of the Divine Feminine energy, but also with the need to balance the Divine Masculine aspects as well.

It is the balancing of the Divine Masculine that has caught the men in our lives by surprise. Who has seen more emotion, intuition, and nurturing lately from our men? I know I have. We also can see more aggression and fear acting out in the world.

How do we balance the Masculine with the Feminine?

We lean into the energies that arise for us and embody the transition. The Divine Masculine, when embodied by women, gives rise to creative endeavors, pursuing long held dreams along with the confidence to embody the masculine energies in a new way without fear of being labeled “aggressive.”

The Divine Masculine has not allowed for fully embodying the Divine Feminine to the extent the present energies allow. Men may look forward to letting their gut instincts speak and for letting go of the collective conscious demands to be the provider and breadwinner. In fact the collective consciousness stereotypical masculine and feminine roles will completely dissolve in the Aquarian Age energy paradigm. The roles will be blended for both sexes.

One thing is certain now, neither men nor women will become complete and fulfilled without the balance of both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. As we move into the new energies of the Aquarian Age, the balancing process will become easy, effortless and unavoidable.

The Rise of the Divine Feminine Energies will restore balance by enabling men to connect with their newly emerging Divine Feminine energies. They can do this by honoring the Divine Feminine wisdom and to step into a more sensitive and intuitive place. The tough guy act is dead. The over aggressive competitive ego is dying. Men are faced with embracing their feminine side and frankly, they are going to like it. Women, will have to allow for this change and realize it was a long time in coming. We don’t need protection or domination to survive and thrive in our lives any longer. It is time to shift the collective consciousness stereotypes and allow for the rise of Divine Feminine and Masculine all at the same time. Power and peace will come from the balance. No more War between the Sexes!

Understanding and embracing both sets of Divine energies is crucial for both men and women. When we combine the energies of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, not only will they complement each other but they will also become an unstoppable and benevolent power in our lives. They will work together in sublime unison. When in a relationship, the blending of these energies will build a more equal and satisfying relationships.

When men can learn to trust their intuition and accept these feelings as natural spiritual guidance, he will connect to and balance his Divine Feminine energies.

As for women, when fully connecting with their Divine Masculine, it will re-affirm her natural powers and she will bloom into her abundant creativity as never before. Life becomes her playground, with new rules and potentials.

How can we fully embrace the balancing of Divine Feminine Energies?

The following five tips will awaken your Divine Feminine potential. Fully awake you can re-connect to your Divine Masculine in the way you were always meant to experience these energies. Change is good and it is inevitable in the new Age of Aquarius.

Tip #1 Connect With Your Feelings

For a long time, it was never easy to connect with and honor our feelings. Women and men were both taught to suppress feelings and put one a brave face. The time for that paradigm of thought is over. It is time to honor any feeling that comes up and realize it is part of the process of awaking to new energies. Honor those feelings and move on. Make room for new light and energies to take the place of that which has been honored and released. Stop making these emotions bigger than they need to be. It is a waste of our precious energies and time.

To fully connect with your feelings you need to focus on your feelings in each and every present moment. Don’t look ahead or behind you. Connect with your feelings in your present moment. Learning to be present in the present moment brings peace, contentment and joy. When you are mindlessly doing things, without a present moment of focus, you are robbing yourself of living fully and joyfully.

Power Practice: Read motivating books. Listen to music, meditate. Read articles on the new energies of the Aquarian Age and Spiritual Ascension. Knowledge is power when in comes to connecting to your feelings and your spiritual power.

Tip #2 Listen to Your Intuition and Guidance

We all have intuitive abilities. We have just suppressed our abilities due to lack of belief in the messages we receive. We live in a black and white society. If we can’t prove it, we can’t believe it. Yet we get those frequent gut feelings and moments of knowingness all the time. Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it the more developed it becomes. You can and should trust your inner guidance. As we move into the new energies of the Aquarian Age, you will be called to listen more and more. Believe it or not, your true and best guidance always comes from within.

Power Practice: Guided Meditations will provide us a place to practice receiving the knowing downloads that are waiting for us. Utube has many guided meditations that can help you to connect to the practice of meditation.

Tip #3 Acknowledge we need to do things differently, stop circle thinking.

We all get stuck in those ruts of repetitive behavior and thought. They lead us around and around in dizzying circles where we end up simply going no where. When we find ourselves going in circles, it is time to stop and figure out exactly what we want to do. It is that simple, stop and ask, what do I want most, what do I want right now? When we truthfully answer that question, we will feel such joy and liberation. True power too. This is a powerful practice when it comes to getting what we want in life. It connects us to the Universal Power of Manifestation.

To get what we want will require different thoughts and actions. Be brave, getting what we want in life is within our reach.

Power Practice: Learn as much as you can about manifesting the life you want. There are so many excellent resources on the subject. The law of manifestation is Universal Law. When we send an intention out into the Universe and follow up with affirming action, what we want is always delivered! But we can’t chicken out or change our minds before it is delivered.

Tip # 4. Say “yes” to yourself and to your needs because you are worthy of it. Nurture yourself.

Are you taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually? Are you eating foods that will nourish your body? Do you drink enough water? Eating well is the highest form of self love. Don’t cheat or cut corners with yourself. You are a powerful and gifted person who deserves to be nurtured.

You deserve the best life has to offer and you must take care of and honor yourself. Are you giving yourself proper sleep time, pamper time, relaxation time, fun time, creative time, spiritual time? If you feel like you are running on empty, go back and read tip #3. You have as much time as you need to take care of yourself when you make “you” a priority.

Power Practice: Practice time management and boundaries. Think of things you do in a day that you can delegate to others, or stop doing them because they are not really necessary. You don’t have to do it all. Embrace the philosophy that YOU come first. Set boundaries with others who are robbing you of your time, or taking too much of your time. It is ok to say NO and “not right now.”

It will be impossible to step into your Divine Feminine Energies if you can’t nurture yourself.

Tip #5. Practice Compassion and Gratitude

Compassion and Gratitude are game changers when it comes to changing your vibrational energies. You attract the exact energy that you are transmitting in any given moment. If you don’t like what is showing up in your life, change your vibrational state, think different and more empowering thoughts. Compassion for yourself and for others helps us to find acceptance for our shortcomings and the shortcomings of others. No one is perfect or is meant to be. Practicing compassion opens the door to forgiveness. We can practice forgiveness for ourselves for any choices we are not proud of and also forgive others for the roles we asked them to play in our lives. No one in your life is here by accident. You set it up for them to arrive. The good players and the bad, all scripted by you in another place in time. You are not a victim in any aspect of life.

Gratitude, for even the smallest of things will change how you look at life and what you are experiencing in your life. Gratitude is pure power. It brings us back to our present moment where we can make new choices and take new actions that align with our desires.

Power Practice: Get a journal and write at least one thing you are grateful for each day. Also write one thing you want to forgive yourself for. Likewise, who do you need to forgive? Write them a forgiveness letter, even if you never send it. The Universe hears all. Just by having the honest intention to forgive is enough.

Blessings to all and enjoy the new Divine Feminine Energies. The time has come!

If you would like to discover more about your Divine Energies and any blocks and restrictions showing up in your life, if so, book an Akashic Consultation with me. Knowledge is POWER!

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