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Chakra Wars

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

If you feel that your energies are all over the place right now, it is ok. All of our energy bodies are undergoing a major upgrade.

My advice is to understand it is happening in perfect timing and there is nothing for you to do other than to allow it.

If these upgrades are making you feel uncomfortable here are a couple of things you can do that always help me.

The first thing I do everyday is to ask the Universe to “Remove all energies that are not mine from my energy field (collective consciousness) and to remove any of my energies that no longer serve me.” If I really feel off balance or spaced out, I grab a quick meditation to balance my chakras. See the quick guided meditation linked below. If you feel that it is time to look into your Akashic Records, to really understand your energies, I am here to assist. Just let me know! You might be amazed at what you will learn!

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