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Ascension Apathy...Why do I have it?

By now you all know I LOVE to talk about personal energy, because everything is energy! As an Akashic Record Intuitive and Coach, I clearly see how energies play out in the lives of my clients with every consultation I have. But lately, I have noticed that our energies have really shifted. What exactly has happened and why? This blog article is going to give an overview of what has energetically changed and what we must do to feel more connected in life.

The first thing to understand is that we just completed a very powerful 6 month cycle in our energetic evolution, here on earth. What has made the past six months so powerful? To keep it simple, we have all been getting a personal energy upgrade that allows many more of us to access and experience fifth dimension energies. Previously, we have only been able to access third and fourth dimension energies.

Simply, the fifth dimension energy upgrade has shifted our emotions, beliefs, conscious thoughts and ways of doing things into higher states of consciousness. Just like a computer, you got a program upgrade. As a result of the upgrade we are starting to wake up to why we have come to this life and what we are here to do. Many of us now feel an urgency to do something meaningful, that makes the world a better place, even though we might not be able to fully see the vision. Many of us are feeling and experiencing these shifts whether we consciously know it or not. The upgrade in energies is what the Ascension process is all about.

The by-product of these energy upgrades have left many of us feeling exhausted, frustrated, angry and last but not least, feeling a general, apathetic discontentment and with every aspect of our lives. We feel like we need to “trash the junk” that is no longer required by our operating systems. To dump the trash requires that we feel and release any intense emotions that come up within us. I said feel, not wallow in them. You only need to observe the emotion, acknowledge it and let it go. Once acknowledged and felt, the trash will empty.

Through this energy upgrade I personally experienced great waves of anger and apathy. There were mornings I would wake up mad-as-hell for no know known reason. Trust me when I say, I am not an angry person. The anger was so intense at times, that I was shocked to feel the power of it.

Then other times I felt intense apathy, where I just could not get excited about anything I usually loved to do. I did not feel like writing, cooking, coaching, meditating, playing the flute, or beading. I would think about doing something and then the apathy would hit and I would just choose to sleep. The apathy seemed to come and go. At times I felt connected to what I wanted to do and then other days I woke up with the feeling that nothing felt right. Have you been experiencing intense emotions and apathy in your life? If so, congratulations, you are ascending into your fifth dimension energies.

I wanted to really understand why I was experiencing the intense emotions and apathy. Here is what I learned, in meditation, on this issue.

As our energies continue to rise, we are collapsing the “doing” part of our lives. We no longer live in energetic resonance with planning what we are going to do. To paraphrase my friend and colleague, Dr. Dolores Fazzino, we are “human beings,” not “human doings”. She absolutely is correct in her energetic observation.

When in fifth dimension energies we are more interested in exploring choices that will give us the experiences we want in our lives in the present moment. The best question you can ask yourself at this point is, what choices can I make that will give me the experiences I most want right now? It is not about making a list of things you need to do. Instead it is about listening to your intuitive knowingness and following your internal guidance to make choices that really bring you to the highest level of experience and resulting satisfaction.

We want to make choices to experience things that align with who we are, at our core level. Navigating this new way of being can feel overwhelming at times. It is like learning a new language. We have to give ourselves some time to understand the new language. We are all processing this new way of “being” at the right time for each of us and the apathy we feel comes from the death of “doing”. In the third dimension of energy we were all addicted to “doing.” Well, no more, it is all about being in choice, in each present moment.

Remember, “choice” resonates with freedom while “doing” resonates with drudgery.

In third dimension energy we made lists and mindlessly multitasked. We lived our lives on automatic pilot most of the time. We thought that making lists of things we needed to do would somehow help us to get more done which would make us feel accomplished and satisfied. Unfortunately, satisfaction in life will not come when we put our lives on automatic pilot. That is how a lot of our lives felt in the third dimension of energy, like we were just going through the motions.

Fortunately, our new energies allow us to make choices to experience what most resonates with us, in our present moment. We now find that it feels good to focus on one thing fully, to its completion, and then make the next resonating choice. No more automatic pilot stuff.

We now have the ability to be fully present in each moment, to notice and experience fully what we are doing. We go from choice to choice and somehow it all gets done with no lists, planning or scheming. We just flow. Need some proof of what I am saying?

Take the act of meditation, many of my clients say they can’t meditate. That their mind would not be quiet, that they could not experience the stillness that they were told they needed to experience in meditation. Understanding what I know now and have just explained to you, it is clear to me that we were not an energetic match for meditation.

It is clear to me now that the concept of meditation was preparing us to understand what it felt like to “be in the moment”. We were practicing, or trying to practice, for how it would feel when we received our upgraded fifth dimension energies. How being still and just experiencing the stillness would feel. Like a preview clip for an upcoming movie.

Were you a meditation drop out? Don’t worry, if this article resonates with you, you are now ready to try again. I promise you, you will get different results with your upgraded operating system.

How has the energetic upgrade journey been for you? Have you felt intense emotions and/or apathy? Let me know in the comments below how you are doing. Of course, if you want to dive into your energies, I would be happy to be your guide on your Akashic journey toward meeting the perfection of your soul to enhance your satisfaction in life.

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