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3 Things To Learn From Your Akashic Records

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

What can we expect to learn from an Akashic Record Consultation? First off, nothing frightening! I can guaranty when I complete a consultation my clients feel profoundly changed and empowered.

When we feel like we have been someplace before or done something before or even met someone who feels strangely familiar to us, we are actually, in that moment, accessing memories from our Akashic Records. Yes, they are real.

Many of us seem to be fascinated with leaning into our spirituality to learn more about that, which appears to be hidden from us. How many lives have we lived? Where did we live in our first lifetime? What are our highest and best intentions for this lifetime? How can we access our true abundance? What work can we do to follow our passions? Do we have Spirit Guides? Who are they?

These are some, of the many questions, I have been asked, by my clients, over the past few years. The truth is, all of these questions could have been answered by them, if they were willing to listen to their subtle, intuitive voices.

As we move from lower dimension energies into higher energies, the whispers we are hearing will become clearer. We will learn more about who we are at soul level and how to use this information for our highest and best good. But until we can, not only hear, but also trust our intuitive whispers to be valid, we can benefit from an Akashic Consultation to short cut the distance between our current reality and the whispers.

Our Akashic Records are a powerhouse of information for us. They are a complete picture of our past lives and decisions, from all previous lifetimes. We can learn about our Soul families and how the energies of our souls are arranged, helping us to experience the most from this lifetime. You can learn about what energies block us and how to release them. We can open to our potentials in ways we may not currently see, by looking into the future potential of our Akashic Records.

Here are 3 questions we should ask from any Akashic Record consultation.

1. What are my soul gifts?

2. What energies are blocking me in this life?

3. What is my soul group?

Yes, our records are powerful. Don’t take my word for it, click the link below to listen to the journey one woman took and the surprise information the records had for her.

If you are ready for your Akashic journey, I would be honored to be your guide. Head on over to my Contact Page and reach out. Let’s talk about what the Universe is whispering to you.

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